Saturday, 27 March 2010

Curse of the Soundbwoy

Check this EP out, the best EP of the week, that's my view anyway!

Monday, 22 March 2010

A proper recording of the choon I need!

I need this choon...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Filthy Sounds...

What up Dubstep skankers, another blog full of Filthy Sounds for you...
This is not the first mix I have up on-line but it is the first for this Blog.

I go by 2 aliases, DJ Dub-Pusher and Stupid Fresh... Why? Because I rinse out Dubstep and the choons are always Stupid Fresh...

Here is the first of many for you, they will be weekly they will be new sounds from the week that's just passed, Enjoy and keep skanking!

Track list>>>

01.HiDef / Static Rising
02.Dayn / Out there
03.Bare Noize / Filthy Lumux
04.Funtcase / Vexed
05.Hubwar / Back From The Shadows
06.Diesel / Fucked Up
07.NTRLD / White Chains
08.Havocndeed / Headspin (King remix)
09.Dancing In The Dark / Dancing In The Dark
10.Orbatak / You Dig
11.Bare Noize / Plant food
12.Audio / Agent of Chaos
13.Dr Philth / Mrs Blackbird
14.Underhill / Dead Foot
15.Kidonabike / Muffin Man
16.Mizkreant / Mustard On Toast
17.Alex Fresh / Murderation
18.Orbatak / Just Another Demon
19.Culprate / Hallowed Point
20.Machine Code / Duberlin
21.Whiskertwister / Fucking Cunt
22.Mustard / Pimp-Cherry (Ajapai Remix)
23.Current Value / Heavy Weight
24.Funtcase / Matress punch
25.Sterotyp / Ganstap (feat warrior queen, I love this choon!

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